01-10 novembeR 2019

picture festival

illustration on the move

The non-profit organisation, Mont des Arts asbl, is launching and coordinating an unprecedented joint initiative involving all of its institutions by embarking on the PICTURE adventure!

For the first event of its kind, the Picture festival will be flying the flag for illustration in Brussels, offering an excellent opportunity to tell stories or explore the imagination of a location and an artist.

At the Mont des Arts, on a unique, quirky stroll around the city’s finest museums, Picture will offer an untamed perspective on some well and not-so-well-known locations, accepting invitations to some of the best ambassadors for the subject, including art schools, galleries and bookshops.

Exhibitions, live-drawing concerts, masterclasses and workshops... multifaceted, generous, poetic experiences that push the boundaries of traditional disciplines. A #PrintIsNotDead event will bring this beautiful and daring escapist extravaganza to a close.

In the beginning was the drawing...
These childishly simple practices - marks on a page, chalk on the ground, brush on canvas - create shapes that bring the world and its fantasies to life. Illustrators are at the crossroads of these different approaches, and the paths that they follow are as undisciplined as they are productive. Children’s books, newspaper cartoons, posters, fanzines, graphic design, design, ceramics, textiles... Up-and-coming as well as established artists will be coming from all over Belgium, with special guests from France, the Czech Republic and Norway.


The programme: Kitty Crowther, Gerda Dendooven, Fanny Dreyer, Sarah Cheveau, Fien Jorisson, Ingrid Godon, Goele Dewanckel, Ephameron, Anne Brugni, Fotokino, Fatinha Ramos, François Schuiten, Claude Renard, Chloé Perarnau, Loïc Gaume, Adrien Herda, Anton Van Hertbruggen, Icinori, Bonnefrite, Shamisa Debroey, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Paul Cox, ... and a particular focus on Czech illustrators, the festival’s guests of honour.

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Contact: Asbl Mont des Arts,
Marie Noble, general coordination and communication picture festival

+32 477 28 21 39

Venues and partners...
Members of the not-for-profit organisation:
the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR), the Royal Belgian Film Archive (Cinematek), the Protestant Church
of Brussels Museum, Saint-Jacques on the Coudenberg, the BELvue Museum, ING Art Center, the Royal Museums of Art and History - Museum of Musical Instruments department (MIM), the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Palace of Coudenberg, the Brussels Convention Centre, Visit Brussels, Brussels Major Events,
the City of Brussels, Bruxelles Environnement – IBGE, Urban.Brussels

Other partners of the Mont des Arts

The Korean cultural centre, the Royal Palace, the Academy Palace, the Cercle Gaulois, ISELP, FEB, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the Bortier Gallery, Grand Serment Royal et de St-Georges des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles, the Belgian National Orchestra, the Galerie Ravenstein, SQUARE-Brussels Convention Center, JAP

Partners outside the Mont des Arts

MIMA, Art Basics for Children (ABC), Galerie Grafik, Graffix, Wolf, Bibliotheca Wittockiana, CLA - Collection de Livres d'Artistes des Bibliothèques de Watermael-Boitsfort, Artitude, Ptyx, Les Gros Mots, Passaporta


Schools and colleges
ARBA, ERG, La Cambre, St Luc, LUCA School of Arts, Campus St Lukas Brussels, the 25 FR primary schools in Brussels City, the 7 NL primary schools in Brussels City


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